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Thread: LayneLabs Help

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    Unhappy LayneLabs Help

    Hey guys,
    Does anyone know how to cancel an order from LayneLabs? I bought a pack of 10 mice for about 8 dollars but they charged an insane shipping fee that I was not aware of until after I purchased the mice. Considering that the fee was more than 5x the price of my mice, I would honestly rather buy local.
    Your help is so greatly appreciated, I cannot afford $65 for 10 mice.

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    I would say you can call them if there's a phone number or just send an
    email right away.

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    I'm guessing the only reason they're not answering the phone today is that it's Sunday. Call them first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning, about 8 a.m. West coast time- you will hopefully be in time to cancel the shipment. Uh, you didn't think they were going to send them thru the mail, did you?

    ALL frozen prey orders -no matter who you buy from- are going to include the (yes, high!) cost of shipping packed on ice in styrofoam. You could send an email too, just to make doubly sure they get the message, but I'd prefer to talk on the phone with a live person.

    Ordering shipments of frozen prey is worth it IF you're buying more, either to feed a number of animals, or wanting a year's supply. Then the cost of shipping is spread way out over the number of items, making it cost effective. I agree that's pretty steep for 10 mice.
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    I haven't purchased from Layne before so I don't know how the checkout processes shipping... but any frozen prey item is going to cost a lot because of the insulation, dry ice and 3 day shipping. 65$ is actually really cheap for shipping. All things considered. I just paid that much to send a single snake to a new owner recently. XD
    I just picked up enough bedding and food to sustain a small colony of rats for a month and a half for 65$ as well...

    For one animal you're almost better off just having a single pair or trio of breeding rodents to euthanize and freeze for yourself or just buy from the local shops. (You definitely would rather buy rodent food and bedding in bulk at a feed store than a local pet shop tho)
    Once you have more than 4or 5 animals it's easier to eat the shipping because the rodents are cheaper and a bulk order balances out the shipping costs. You'll just also need a small freezer for them as well.

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    I was just guessing to call about 8 am for a business, but it looks like they open at 9 am Monday

    Layne Laboratories, Inc.

    Address: 4303 Huasna Rd, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

    Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Mon


    Phone: (805) 474-1354

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    Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.
    Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

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    Re: LayneLabs Help

    Layne Labs is one of the more expensive suppliers, and you also only save money if youíre buying a whole yearís worth at a time. The less you buy, the less cost effective it is. But if you had bought a yearís worth, even with shipping, Iím sure it would have been cheaper than buying local. LL specifically, maybe not, but Big Cheese has flat rate shipping. And LL is on the west coast, so if you arenít close to them, youíll be spending even more money. Perfect Prey is good if youíre on the east coast. And I recently ordered some mice from Cold Blooded Cafe. Cheapest option, even next to Rodent Pro, that Iíve found.

    All that said, hopefully you can cancel and find a cheaper alternative! Local is definitely the way to go if you can find a source.

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