I have lots of supplies I am looking to get rid of. I am willing to ship most of these items except for enclosures if the buyers pay for and arrange the shipping. I can also meet at the Midwest Reptile Show on the 26th for anyone who may be attending. I can also drop off the larger items depending on how close you are willing to meet to Indianapolis.

Will ship:

$40 Aqua Clear 110 filter (slight cosmetic damage)
$25 Marineland Penguin 350 Filter
$7 MLB Rabbit Show Conditioner Supplement
$40 Exo Terra Nano 8x8x12
$5-$15 various decor (PM with what you are interested in and I will see what I have that you might like)
$10 Large Rabbit Sifter Feeder, 32oz Small Animal Water Bottle
$10/bag Care Fresh Bedding 60L
$15 Penn Plax Above Tank Turtle Basking Platform (cosmetic damage)
FREE Half Bag Petsmart Small Animal Aspen Shaving
Various Aquarium Heaters (PM to see what I have)

Will NOT ship:
$50 Tractor Supply 30x36x18 Rabbit Cage w/ Frame, Tray, and 2x resting mats
$5 ~25lbs Heinold Wool Rabbit Feed
$55 Exo Terra 12x12x18
$10 10 Gallon Tank w/lid
$100 45 Gallon aquarium w/stank

All prices are negotiable w/ reasonable trades