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    Re: Only eaten about 3 times in 5 months

    Quote Originally Posted by MedicalAuthor View Post
    So, I got two live mice fuzzies today, eyes closed, and the python went after both of them (offered about 30 minutes apart) relatively quickly. I had a thawed small rat ready after the second feed, and the python was already poised at the hide entrance.

    He seemed to be interested in the rat for about 5 seconds and then turned away and retreated into the hide.

    My thoughts are that this is a clear indication that the snake is actively averse to the rats.

    1) Would you try live, eyes closed rats again? In case this is an issue of live versus f/t and not specifically an aversion to rats? Does anyone feed multiples of eyes closed/fuzzy rats even to grown pythons to avoid the danger that comes with live feeding?

    2) Are live, full grown mice just as dangerous? Early on, he took down two live mice back to back and seemed like it was without any fight.

    3) It seems like the logical next step may be to try f/t full grown mice to see if he takes that. If mice end up being the diet, what are the health/notable implications for what I can expect from how it will affect my python?

    And also, a small clarification above: I was trying to feed my snake really young rats, hoppers or fuzzies, and that last time got a rat that I I didn't realize was more mature. I thin this was in response to me getting a rat that seemed way too small the week before. Anyway, I have used 'small' rats since starting f/t but before that was mostly keeping to the eyes mostly closed and this last failure was the most mature.
    Right now it's important that your snake gets some regular meals down, so I'd feed him what he wants- don't "rock the boat"- just get food into him. Eating only 3 times in 5 months tells me he's starving right now, so I'd wait a while before trying to get him on rats, IF at all.

    A better move would have been a live mouse fuzzy or two, followed by a pre-killed (fresh or f/t) mouse. He might have taken a larger mouse at that time. And YES, mice with eyes open bite back too. Rats are worse (they're bigger, stronger & more intelligent), but both are a danger to snakes.

    Nutritionally speaking, your snake will be fine eating mice only for life- the only thing is "convenience" as one large mouse won't be enough for a meal for an adult BP, & some snakes (not all) will balk at eating more than one item per meal.
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    Only eaten about 3 times in 5 months

    Nice looking set up although Iíd add a few branches and some fake foliage to help it feel more secure . Thereís an awful lot of open space in there

    I presume youíre feeding in the evenings and in dim light if you use a hairdryer..

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    I think he isn't going to go after rats anymore. In the last two weeks he's readily eaten two eyes-closed mice fuzzies (and rejected a f/t small rat offered right after) and readily ate f/t full grown mouse.

    So I think I'm going to do f/t mice from now on. I have a few frozen small rats left I may try every now and then to see if that changes but it seems like mice are working out well right now for him.

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