Alright, so one of my breeder girls is throwing me some serious mixed signals. Iíve been cooling her and the others since October. My normal temps are 80 degrees March through October and in October my temps drop to 78 during the day and 75-76 at night. Hot spot also drops during this time to 90 during the day to 85 at night. So this girl has been awesome, multiple locks, eating ravenously, seeming to be growing big follicles (from what I can tell, Iím not great at palpating). Middle to late December and even into the first of January I saw her wrapping her bowl. Now 2 weeks into January she is back in the hotspot and laying on her side almost inverted and seems to be nesting. Did I miss an ovy? Or would she still considered to be building? She last ate January 2nd and is currently going into her next shed

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