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    Are 50% or 66% worth it?

    I'm new in the ball pythons world, i only have two females at the moment (Spider enchi and BEL mojave x butter). I'm about to buy other snakes so i saw a normal female 50% Pied and 66% clown...are those percentage worth the gamble? There Is an "unfortunate" change to have a Normal ball python without pied or clown genes?

    Thank you very much and i'm sorry for my bad english

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    I wouldn't buy pos hets. Unless the male has pied or clown there is no benefit to buying a pos het. You won't be able to get pied or clown hatchlings unless the male is either het or homozygous pied or clown. Even if he is you aren't guaranteed to get any pieds or clowns (the female might not be het). If you want to breed for desirable offspring you could get a homozygous recessive and produce recessives over multiple generations. You could also get a male with more dominant genes. If you're planning to breed I would recommend saving up for 2-3 years and buying the most valuable male you can afford. Quality in equals quality out.

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    Re: Are 50% or 66% worth it?

    If your planning on breeding, have a visual male to prove her out, and she is priced right then I don't see the harm. All depends on what route your going. I for example am currently thinking of getting a clown 66%het ghost to breed with a pied ghost male I have down the road

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    Re: Are 50% or 66% worth it?

    I feel like I wouldn't get it unless it was visually one of those. So if it was a clown het pied or even a pied het clown. Just so you're guaranteed to have at least one of the genes you're after. With the possible hets you get the problem of it could have neither and just be a normal but you probably bought it for a higher price than that but you could also get both and hit the jackpot but that would also take years to prove and it's a big gamble. Especially on possible hets, I would still be hesitant on an animal that's 100% het unless you fully know and trust the breeders which you should anyway but I think you understand what I mean.

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    I would think it would be more fun to get into breeding snakes with a guarantee of what you want since you're just starting out and proving can take a long time.

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    Yup, you can miss on both. The downside is still the paying extra to possibly end up with a normal female.
    I would only consider a possible het if the other genes on the animal are worth it or if the price was amazingly low. Even with a het to het breeding, you might miss the odds on a clutch and end up with no visuals. Rare, but it happens. The odds gods can be cruel. I'm going to agree with what was said about having a at least a visual on one gene like breeding a pied 66% clown to a clown 50% pied would be a way to test breed the possibles and at least end up with 100% hets in the offspring.

    In my own breeding, I hatched out 50% hets for hypo.
    The pairing was:
    Super Pastel Spider Lesser x Mojave Special Pastel Enchi(het Hypo)
    The hatchlings were all Pastel Blue Eyed Lucy(50% het Hypo). They might have been super pastels or had enchi. 3 of them looked like they may have had spider because I saw what might have been wobble.
    Aside from disclosing the parent's genetics and which ones looked like they might have spider, I sold them as Pastel BELs. No extra cost for the possibilities I couldn't prove. I left the fun part to the new owners if they wanted.

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    Re: Are 50% or 66% worth it?

    You can but you would most likely have to buy a clown pied male to prove her out. Like others said you could completely miss on both odds and end up with a normal female. On the other hand you can hit on both and end up with a 100% double het female that you paid less money for originally

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    I wouldn't waste the time/money proving out poss het of something that common personally. If I had an outstanding male with one of those as visual and they would make awesome babies even with a normal female, having those as extra wouldn't hurt any, but it's not something I would aim for. I wouldn't pay a penny more for a poss het than a normal either, even 100% het I'm hesitant to pay extra for unless it's a highly reputable breeder.
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    Re: Are 50% or 66% worth it?

    Hello everyone and thanks for the many replies.I was very tempted because the breeder sell her at the price of a normal ball python (like 60 bucks) but i will need to spend years to prove her out so maybe is not very convenient... I will follow your advice and i will invest in something of higher quality. Thank you very much!

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