Hello all!

Bottom Line Up Front: I have 1.2 Pastel Vanilla/Fire 100% Het VPI Axanthic, 50% Het Pied available.

Paring was a VPI Axanthic 100% Het Pied (male) X Super Pastel Vanilla Fire (Super Scream female). I feel like I can tell which are fire and which are vanilla but because I can't be 100% certain, selling them as either vanilla or fire. If you looking for one or the other i'll give my thoughts on which are which. All well started (average between the 3 snakes is 200 grams) and eating f/t rat pups. Super affordable group - quick way to work towards lighting pieds or some light axanthic combos!! Pricing below. DM if interested. Happy to provide updated pictures and belly shots (some good he pied markers!). Also flexible on price, especially if you interested in getting all three animal

Male: $150
Females: $200
Group: $400