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    Two Enclosures, 1 Show...and Blog


    I have been very active in the herp section of the forum for years now and I have decided to (with permission) post a new thread that will also be a blog for my two enclosures.

    I am a frog and toad guy at heart. I’m enrolled for a graduate degree in biology to become a herpetologist in the future. I wanted to share my experiences of how I keep my animals to encourage frog keepers to do more than the minimum in terms of caring for their pets. This show will feature care tips, behind the scenes information, and footage of the animals in their setups.

    I am very different from most frog pet keepers. I do not own dart frogs and I am not as interested in the exotic herps as much as the native ones. I do have White’s tree frogs and they are the only exotic pets I have.

    This show will focus on three animal groups inside two enclosures. Yes, one enclosure is a cohab of two different types of animals, but I have spent years waiting to do this and making sure the details were worked out.

    The first group is my gray tree frogs Bane, Dante, Meredith, and Melania called collectively the “Gray Army”. They were all rescued from a bad situation. They live in an exo terra 36x18x36 (101 gallons). They are in their own enclosure.

    The next enclosure is a 125 gallon 72x18x24 vivarium. This enclosure has two groups. The White’s tree frogs Max, Spurgeon, and Jeremiah collectively called the “Dumpy Family”. Max is my oldest animal. She’s 7 this year! The group they share the enclosure with is my pair of Southeastern five lined skinks Pharaoh and Amsi known as the “Skink Dynasty”. The skinks are out in the day and the whites are out at night.

    I keep calling this a show because it will be recorded and shown on my YouTube channel PA Woods and Forests. My brand focuses on frogs and toads of PA but we are also interested in hiking, presentations, fieldwork, and caring for my pets. This show will be similar to the zoo from animal planet but also have opportunities to show the animals inside their setups.

    I have had my animals for years but couldn’t build them their setups because the frogs got a few parasites and it caused serious complications. After almost 2 years of not showing my animals out of respect for them in quarantine, they have finally been cleared by their vet to go back into vivariums.

    The name of the show and this thread is Wild Vivariums. I want people to see the animals as they are enjoying their homes and are as close to the wild as they will get. I also want to show and explain to people the challenges of keeping herps because they aren’t something you through in a storage bin and forget about, and you shouldn’t keep them if you are looking for the littlest amount of effort, cheapest expenses and etc that you can get away with.

    What if we gave our herp pets everything we could and genuinely wanted them to thrive just as much as any other pet or even as any other hobby in our lives? This show will give you an example of that.

    The show will debut the end of November or early December this year. I do have some pictures to share with you.

    Are you excited to see this series? Let me know!



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    Re: Two Enclosures, 1 Show...and Blog

    I have some good news and some bad news...

    This comes as an unexpected turn of events, but the title of this blog will not make sense after this update. It is not because I lost an enclosure, but because this show will gain another! After thinking about space requirements, what I am trying to accomplish both with this show and blog, and what I am trying to accomplish with my other project (225 gallon PA Woods Enclosure), I have made a decision to break Wellsboro and Navi (American toads) away from the originally planned course of moving them to the 225-gallon enclosure, and I have decided to use a large Exo Terra enclosure to house the pair of toads. I think having fewer toads in the 225-gallon enclosure the better so we can get a more realistic educational perspective of spacing for mixed species and same-species group setups.

    I am saying all of this because I have been trying to find a way to get my toads back on the YouTube channel and back in the public eye. creating an enclosure for Wellsboro and Navi can occur fast and I can put them together without hesitation because they were previously together just a couple of months ago. Wellsboro really likes Navi if you know what I am saying, so I will have to watch and make sure he leaves her alone and does not bother her as much.

    The reasons to add the toads into this show, blog, and story far outweigh the negatives. I am trying to show how to take care of different pets and I think it is safe to say that people know me for my enthusiastic approach and love for toads. Having a more minimalistic enclosure could help many people with taking care of their pet toads. Adding the toads to this story adds another world because I can have three different enclosures featured and provide the most help possible. I do not plan to show the toads in the first episode of Wild Vivariums but will strongly consider this in episode 2 or 3. I think I have many good reasons to put Wellsboro and Navi together in their own setup. I just wanted to inform you of my decision that American toads will be joining this story and it is now Three Enclosures, One Show...and a Blog

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