Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my enclosures but am going crazy trying to find ones I like. Customcages is my favorite, but their cages are...expensive. I think it might be worth the price to get two cages stacked on top of each other, but I'm not sure if I'll always have a separate room for my pets. I have cats, so would it be a bad idea to have a cage near the floor? If anyone has experience with this, do the cats eventually get used to it, or do they keep trying to bother the animal?

So, if I don't get one of those, then I'm not really sure where to go. Custom reptile habitats has some good ones, but they only have stands for their 4 or 3 foot enclosures, and I also don't think I'd be able to use radiant heat panels with those. What enclosures and stands do y'all have? I'd take shelf recommendations as well, it doesn't have to be cages that come with stands.

Lastly, DIGITAL THERMOMETERS/HYGROMETERS. None of the ones I have/find have very good reviews - I can't find any that do. It seems like there are always a good amount of people saying they're not accurate (even the non-reptile specific ones I've looked at). What brands do you use? Thank you!

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