This question is mainly for people who donít use a rack system. I am wondering what the best way is to create a day/night cycle or add lighting to the setup. I have LED lights stuck up to the top set on a timer, and Iíve seen some others do this, but Iím not really a fan of it anymore, because itís kind of a hazard if it peels off the top, and they are also cheaply made so they can break easily. (It was actually pretty funny, yesterday randomly the white light switched to the quick flashing rainbow lights, and my little guy popped his head out his hide and looked all around with a grumpy face ). Anyway, what is the best option? Is there a more safe/reliable option I can put inside the enclosure? Or does most of everyone just use a lamp on the outside or natural light from a window? That is always an option, but Iíd like to know if there is a way to get light directly inside the enclosure. I have a 36x18x18 exotera with a screen top that is covered except for the part where I have a ceramic heat emitter. I use the CHE on the cool side to achieve 78-80į and use heat mat to achieve 87-90į on the bottom of tank. My BP is a few months old. Any help would be appreciated

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