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    Help with PVC cages and suction cups

    I bought these cool little fake vine/branches from Amazon and they came with suction cups to keep them up, however the suction cups keep falling off the wall (even without my BP crawling over them)
    I tried putting some non toxic hot glue on the suction cups but that still didnít work well at all

    any tips or tricks on keeping them up? Iím hesitant to use any other kind of glue because I donít want it to be toxic or harmful for my little guy. Are the suction cups just really weak?

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    I know some people use those little stick on hooks to hang their fake plants or vines from rather than suctioning them. Adhesives are usually a no-no in reptile enclosures, but the hold on the hooks might be strong enough that you would have to worry about it ever unsticking, like tape. I'll let someone else weigh in on the safety of this, though.
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    Re: Help with PVC cages and suction cups

    I ended up giving up on using the suction cups and instead drape the plants over different pieces of decor just above the ground. It's hard to describe but I was able to create essentially covered walk ways (or crawl ways I guess ) that my BP uses to move between hides during the day. I used suction cup plants to create a background when I kept mine in a glass enclosure, but when I switched to PVC I didn't have much luck in getting them to stick. Ended up working out though, I like the way it looks a lot more now than I did with them hanging from the walls.

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    Most pvc is not smooth. It may appear to be but it usually has dimples and/or striations so suction cups are not going to work well as they can not get the suction they need to hold.

    I don't know the size of what you are trying to hang but what I do for my tstat probe for RHPs is glue them into a cable strap and then glue that to the rim of the panel. Has worked great for many years and I've seen my snakes crawl through the wires so I know it's fairly strong. I think I've only had to reglue one once. Those are my GTP and ETB though.

    What might work is using super glue and cable straps as hooks. Glue the cable straps where you want them and then simply hang the vine in them as if it was a hook.

    Or if the pvc is thick enough you can use small screws to secure the straps. That's how I have greenery hung in my cages with thick pvc walls.

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