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    Newbie with female eating issues

    Hi all, I am new to ball pythons, as I am to this board. Manessa (Indian queen of snakes) is just under six feet, is active and very curious, day or night. There is no mucus, she has no trouble breathing. No mites, and truly loves to climb. I converted a glass door shower into her enclosure, regulated heating and humidity, and even build a tree with holes and branches to explore. She regularilly falls from her "TRee", and climbs right back up. I don't know what kind of morph she is, but she is caramel colored. Oh and she is about six years old.
    I offer a warmed rat every week, (about 106 degrees F) and sometimes she strikes for keeps, ignores it whatever I'm sure you all know the drill. My problem is that she is so skinny if you lightly run your hand across her belly, you can feel her scales distinctly. I know that sometimes they won't eat for months, and it is what it is, but again I worry about her scales being so loose?
    Hopefully these links work, but you can easily see her spine. Am I worrying for nothing, or do you see something I don't.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Nope, can't see your pics. Maybe this will help:

    How tall is this "tree"? While some falls normally happen in the wild, they can also injure the snake & are best avoided. BPs are primarily terrestrial snakes- so if yours is "skinny" & a poor eater, as you described, that suggests that the reason she is climbing is that she's searching for a better place to live that agrees with her instincts, sorry to say. Please do show some pics both of your snake & her housing, as it also occurs to me that just because you posted this under the BPs forum, that we might not even be talking about a ball python here, since very few BPs are ever 6' long -& surely not at 6 years of age. And their normal "build" doesn't lend itself to climbing all that much. What are the highest & lowest temperatures in her enclosure?
    I'm sure we can help you sort all this out, we just need more to go on.
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    Re: Newbie with female eating issues

    If you download the tapatalk app it's much easier to post photos. Do you have a picture of the enclosure? I'm a little concerned about her falling, ball pythons are not exactly known for their climbing skills and she could easily injure herself if there's a big enough drop. How long have you had this snake and has she ever been a good feeder? A ball python being active day and night is also odd and often means something isn't right in the enclosure, generally they don't move around and prefer to hide in one spot during the day and explore/hunt at night. Does she have tight confined hides on a cool and warm side? How are you heating the cage and testing/controlling your temps? What are they at?

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