I'm worried about my little girl. In the past two weeks she has started soaking in her water bowl almost nightly. Here is everything I've done to try to help.

Humidity: sits around 70-85%, I tried spraying her cage down and that seemed to calm her down. Humidity is staying around 90ish now, but she is still soaking.

Temps: With a temp gun her warm side sits at 88-91 depending on if the heat panel kicks on. So I don't think it's that.

She has three hides, one on the warm side, cool side and in the middle. So I don't think she feels insecure.

Took her to a vet, no RI or anything like that. They did have to treat for parasites, that was 4 days ago. I asked about the soaking and constant water drinking, but he couldn't find anything wrong with her at all. I told him she was drinking a lot of water as well. He said she wasn't dehydrated or underweight. After I told him my temps and humidity, he checked her thoroughly for mites. There were none.

I told him she was having some mild diarrhea too, but only after every other meal. He ran some rest after he took her to the back (I don't remember what) and wanted to treat her for gastritis. He told me other than that she was perfectly healthy.

Fast forward to two nights ago and she is stressed and pushing at the glass doors to her enclosure, but she didn't soak. She did the same thing last night. Tonight I fed her and again, she is soaking. Now, I haven't given her the gastritis medicine yet(long story, don't ask). I need to wait until at least tomorrow to give her that medicine since she just ate.

Anyone have any ideas as to why she is so stressed and soaking? She is in a dark, quiet room. Nothing in there to bother her. I'm just worries about the constant soaking. 😣