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    New BP not eating

    Hello i just got my BP (4 months old) and have had him 11 days. His temps and humidity is good and he has plenty of hides. He was due his first feed Monday but didn't touch it, i spoke to the shop and they said i was thawing correctly and said to just try again last night. He didn't touch it again although was tasting the air. Should I try again tonight or leave him until his next scheduled feed on Monday. I have not handled him yet as wanted to ensure he was fully settled and eating before I did.

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    Offering too often can stress them out, I would only offer once a week at most. I blast my feeders with a hair dryer before offering so they are nice and toasty, maybe something to try?
    Since this is a young snake, is it in a smaller setup? "Good" doesn't really tell us anything for temps and humidity btw, especially without knowing how you are taking the temps or where in the enclosure. Not saying that's the issue but for future posts, as much info as possible is useful for others to help.

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    I'm glad that you realize it's best not to handle your snake yet: we actually recommend not handling until he has fed at least 3 times at normal intervals & without refusals* to assure that he's settled in & won't go "off" feeding the moment you try to become better acquainted. (*It's normal for a snake to refuse food if they go into shed- so that obviously doesn't "count".)

    I'll "second" what GoingPostal said, about not offering too frequently. Wait at least a week before you offer again (otherwise it just stresses them too much), & pay attention what your snake is doing when you offer, also the time of day. Also, many keepers don't even offer food for the first week or 2, just to allow the snake to settle in to their "scary" new environment. It's unsettling for a snake to be in a new home- in the wild, they survive by learning their way around- where to hide from predators & bad weather. They don't understand where their "home" disappeared to.

    Evenings are best, & since BPs are "ambush-predators", many have the most success offering prey when their BP is peeking out of their hide in the evening hours; BPs feel safe this way, enough to grab prey that appears to be passing nearby, so when you use tongs to move the rodent, do NOT directly approach the snake with the prey (trust me, wild rodents don't volunteer to be eaten, & that behavior can freak out a shy snake). Instead, make it seem to pass by a short distance away, as if just cluelessly too near where the snake is hiding. You should also know that if your snake is cruising around his home, he probably won't accept food when he's "out in the open" like that- wait until he's settled down. Again it's their instincts: a wild snake occupied with eating out in the open may themselves get eaten by another predator looking for an easy meal.

    The key to success with snakes is patience, & understanding how they see the world.
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    What does he weigh? Now, if mine refuse a meal they get a two week break. A four month old will be hungry an eat after two weeks unless something is really wrong.

    Good luck!

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    Re: New BP not eating

    I didn't have the best luck using the hairdryer method. Several of my snakes would strike/coil, then I'd return in the morning to find the rats uneaten. I've since started using a method I saw Garrick Demeyer use. I use a heat lamp for about 20-30 mins over top of them and I've had a lot better luck. Patience is key, don't offer to frequently as others have said as it will cause extra stress.

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