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    Eye problems or just shedding?

    My girl is due to shed soon so I've been looking out for her eyes to go cloudy. The other day, they turned cloudy but it was more like a greyish green color rather than blue, and it cleared up pretty much the next day. This doesn't seem like normal shed process, but it's been a month since she last shed and her skin has been getting dull, and her belly scales turned pink, so everything else is consistent with the shed process.

    (She's about 4 months old and this is only the second shed since I've had her, so...)

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    Re: Eye problems or just shedding?

    Welcome to the forums!

    I don't know that there's anything to really worry about. My guy's eyes are never "blue" more of just a milky color, but that stage usually only lasts a day and then he's onto the next stage of his shed. I wouldn't stress it until you see for sure that she's having issues shedding. If she gets it all off just check to make sure the eye caps came off and that there's no shed left on the top of her tail.

    As long as your parameters are where they should be I wouldn't stress, just keep an eye on her.

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    Shedding in snakes is often misunderstood- first off, there is no schedule to it- when they grow, they shed- and growth requires food, warmth & time.

    A snake's eyes (as well as their body) will "cloud up" (bluish or milky gray), then they go back to "clear" (looking pretty normal), sometimes for days before they actually shed. This is because their body secretes some moisture between the old & new skin to assist the removal of the old skin- that moisture is what makes the old skin look "clear" so you're seeing their colors more truly, BUT they haven't actually shed yet. Best to keep their humidity up some & be patient.

    Also: most snakes will refuse to eat while in a shed cycle, but some will accept food anyway. IMO it's best to skip feeding a snake if you know it's in shed, because both shedding and digesting requires good hydration from the snake's body. If you feed them during shed, sometimes it really messes up their shedding since they cannot do both very well simultaneously- their shed may end up stuck on, coming off in pieces...OR, they barf up their meal, which is even worse. Or that meal will just make the entire process of shedding & digesting take longer. Some snakes can "multi-task" just fine, but it's better not to push food on them...they would not be eating during their shed if they were living in the wild anyway- a little fasting is quite normal for them.
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