Hello! I'm new to the forum and reletivly new to snakes.

I have one ball python named Noodle. Noodle is aproximatly 7 yo. Noodle has not been sexed, but I refer to her as a she. She is a little less than four feet long. Her tub is about 42" L and 20" W.

Feel free to skip the next paragraph, it just provides a little background.

*all tempuratures are in fahrenheit*

I got Noodle off of Craigslist. Her previous owners did not take very good care of her, but she's been improving since I've had her. She was living in a 40 gal on paper substrate (the type used for hamsters and other small animals) with two emty water bowls and a half log. I have no clue why there were two water bowls, her previous owners said she liked having two so she could use one for soaking and one for drinking, but neither of the bowls were big enough for her to saok in. She had three heat lamps(the temp was about 87 degrees) and there was no tempurature gradient. The humidity was about 20%. She was eating two live mice every two weeks. The previous owners said she had never had a full shed. They almost never handled her either.

Since I got her, I have switched her to frozen rats. I feed her one rat as big as her abdomen once a week. She is currently living in a tub. She has three hides(warm, cold, and humid), a half log, a water bowl big enough to soak in, coco-fiber substrate, and some fake plants. I'm using a heat mat for her. the ambient temp stays around 70 degrees, her hot-spot is 92 degrees, and the cold side stays around 70 degrees. The humidity is about 60% and about 75% when she's shedding. She still has trouble shedding, but she's improving. She's gotten used to being handled daily for short periods of time.

I've been planning to move Noodle into a bioactive 4x2x2 aluminum and PVC enclosure as soon as I could afford it, but I'm not sure she would enjoy or use the space. She spends most of her time curled up in her warm hide, and occasionally in her cool or humid hide. I never see her outside a hide unless I'm handling her. Would it be worth getting a 4x2x2?

Should I upgrade her enclosure? If so, how big and what kind? Any advice for her current setup? Any care tips?

Sorry this is so long,

Thank you!