Hello! I'd like to rehome my pet ball python "Boa". She's been with me for over 13 years, though I am moving and am unable to keep her. See below for more about her and rehoming accessories (cage, lamp, etc.) -- I'd like to find a nice new home for her, so please message me if you're interested!

Boa the Ball Python (normal, no morph)


  • 14 years old; owned since ~4 months old; originally bought from local reptile store
  • weight: average ~8 lbs (~3.6kg)
  • length: ~5.5ft (~1.6m)


  • She's been held frequently throughout her lifetime, and she's well-mannered/docile and has not bitten/struck at anyone
  • Eats live rats (small/medium) regularly (every 2-3 weeks); she sometimes fasts for a few months in the winter (though she ate last week)
  • Has taken frozen/thawed rats on occasion, but not consistently.
  • Have not attempted breeding her

Her cage and other accessories are available if desired for rehoming:

  • Cage: 18x36x16.5" with mesh lid
  • Adjustable-temperature heating pad with temperature probe
  • Heating lamp + bulb
  • Log hide (Zoo Med Habba Hut)
  • Electronic temperature & humidity tracker
  • Two mechanical-spring thermometers
  • Insulating mat
  • Water spray mister
  • Reptile branch

Please message me if you have questions, thanks!