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    BP more active than normal

    My ball python, Luna, has been moving around a lot more and spending more time at the rim of the tank (like she's trying to get out) than normal. She's been like this for a few weeks now and she seems even more active these past couple days. She's also been hissing a lot.

    Typical behavior for her is not moving much during the day, active enough that I'll hear her tussling around after I turn the lights off, and she doesn't spend much time trying to push the lid open. Very docile and has only ever hissed when startled by something too close to her head or very occasionally at night. Never multiple times in a row like I've heard her doing recently. Zero bites/attempted bites.

    The only 'new' thing that might have happened around that time was me getting another kenyan sand boa. Maybe a week or two before this behavior started. The sand boas are in my closet (basically set up as a miniature room, though)- the door is almost always open but they can't see each other.

    One thing that I thought might be annoying her is the fish tank next to her. It has a sponge filter, so bubbles. Maybe noise/vibration could be bothering her? They've been next to each other for several months, but maybe she just decided she was done.

    Information on her and her setup:

    4 years old, had her since she was 5 months (she has never been in contact with another ball python since I've had her)
    5(ish) feet long
    Her last shed was about 3 weeks ago, perfectly intact/complete.
    F/t medium rats (80-100g) every 2ish weeks- her last was about 10 days ago- she's a good eater and that hasn't changed.

    She's in a 40 gallon breeder 36"x18"x18" (I did recently order an AP T10 for her, though)
    UTH set to 93°F
    Ambient temp 70-75
    Humidity about 60%
    Access to water dish 24/7
    Cool hide, warm hide, and cork bark in between that she'll hide under, too.
    Coconut husk substrate- the spongy bark chip sort of thing, not the fiber.
    (None of this has changed)

    That's about it. I double checked her temps and humidity with my temp gun and an extra digital thermometer/hydrometer and everything seemed to match up pretty well.

    I can't find anything medically wrong with her. No burns, scratches, or bumps. Her poos seem fine, no mites in the water. I could take her to a vet if it seems I should, though.

    That's everything I can think of, but let me know if any more information would be helpful. I'm basically just wondering if anyone has any ideas as far as why she is doing this or how I can help her out. Thank you!! :)

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    Re: BP more active than normal

    Any obvious change in behaviour I always check the surface temps .. especially the warm side/ under the warm hide .

    A couple of mine started acting ‘odd’ over the years and both were roasting when I checked with the temp gun . Both times it was a faulty thermostat.

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