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    Scheduled Power Outage

    Hey Ya’ll! I hope everyone here is keeping well amidst these crazy times.
    Question for you: There is a 4 hour scheduled power outage for the 32 floor condo tower I live in, occuring on November 15th. The outage will occur at 11pm and the power will return at 3am. There will be no heat, hot water or electrical power in my unit during this time.
    A similar outage occurred at the end of summer and as it was still quite warm out, and my snakes were fine (I stayed awake for the duration of the 4 hours to monitor them).
    I am, however, quite worried about this upcoming outage. It is significantly cooler now, and my apartment is on the 27th floor. It can get quite chilly without the heat. I couldn’t even imagine how low the temperature could drop for my snakes without the baseboard heating and of course their individual heat lamps.
    How do I navigate this power outage without my snakes being harmed? They obviously have specific heat parameters for a reason that is necessary for their survival. I worry about them being in the cold for 4 hours.
    I have a Normal Ball Python who is 4, and a Kenyan Sand Boa who is almost 2. My BP is quite big and I am not so much worried about her as I am my KSB, though I want to make sure they will both be ok.
    Any tips on how to navigate this scheduled power outage would be much appreciated.
    Thank you, fellow snake lovers! xx

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    Re: Scheduled Power Outage

    Heat packs, perhaps? Might not keep them as warm as they are accustomed to, but for 4 hours I would imagine it couldn't hurt anything.
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    Not sure how cold it gets for you, but 4 hours may not need any intervention. Itd take time for the heat to dissipate.

    But if you want to be really prepared, you could bag them all and put them in an insulated container. Or run a gas / kerosene powered heater. That's probably against apartment regulations, but what they dont know wont hurt them.
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    Can you set your apartment thermostat up to 85*F (30*C) at 6pm so it's warmed up when the power goes out?

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    For cold-weather power outages, I keep a supply of UniHeat shipping packs on hand - they're for shipping plants, chick, reptiles, etc. If you have Amazon Prime you should have time to order and receive them before the outage.

    If not, you should be OK if you can fill plastic bottles with hot water right before the outage and put them in the enclosures. And/or you could try the hand warmers that you can buy in drug stores or sporting goods shops, but BE CAREFUL with those, as they get really hot. Stick them into a sock or something before putting them in the enclosure.

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