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On WIFI alarms (any alarms) if for heat (cold), put it inside the cage. You can hot glue, zip tie or screw them in place. Some more advanced ones have probes you place in your tank. Electric current alarms are "inline". They are plugged into the power source.

You can find 1,000 types of alarms. I know several "collectors" that have Nest cameras in APT10 tanks. If you have a smart phone your options are almost unlimited.

Years ago I had a Jack Dempsey break a 125 gallon tank. I was using a water leak alarm like this:

Alarm went off an everybody heard it. Now, smart alarms call smart phones with or without WIFI.

If you dream it it can be found or made.

Good luck!

Thank you!! It's surprising that there are so many kind of alarms Maybe in the future they could be more commonly and conveniently integrated to smart house and we don't need to worry about a bunch of things anymore