I have a few girls and boys ready to go and I thought I would post it here along with a link for you to look. If you're interested, please PM me. I am not interested in any trades at this time. Shipping is included on anything $1,000 or over. I will have a 2020 female Leopard Spotnose Lesser Clown ready to go here in another week or two. She just needs a couple more meals.

2020 1.0 Leopard Spotnose Lesser Clown (aka Lesser Batman) $4,000

2020 0.1 Leopard Clown $1,000

2020 1.0 Lesser Mojave (aka BEL) 50% het Ghost $500

2018 1.0 Leopard Mojave Pinstripe $375

2017 1.0 Normal Dbl het Clown / Ghost $175

Link to my MM page.