Good morning,
I need some help with coming up with a solution for a new tank i purchased. It is a Thrive Easy to Clean Aquarium 40G. I have my girl in a tub that works well but I bought the tank to see her more. The new tank has a plastic drawer on the bottom so if i place a UTH pad the heat has to go through glass and plastic (two layers) and is not warm enough. The pad will not fit between the drawer and the glass (). If I had a basking snake it would be perfect. I do have a Kane heating mat but its just a tad to big -18"x18"(although if i shave the mounting sides I could probably fit it in). Right now I'm thinking of using the UTH pad and then purchasing a ceramic heater. Wondering if it should be 75W ceramic or 100W as it will be added heat? I contemplated putting the heat pad direct contact (not recommended I know) or maybe placing a piece of glass over pad? I have a rheostat for the kane pad and a thermostat for the UTH pad.

My girl is happy in her tub enclosure until i get the tank just right!
Thank you,