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    What is your snake's personality?

    I'm new to ball pythons and snakes and one thing I didn't think of much before getting one was personalities. Before getting mine, I read hatchlings are typically hissy or stay balled up. I think mine is flighty? It may be too soon to tell since he's still a baby. When I pick him up he is so relaxed that he won't grip onto me. After taking a second to sit there, he is all go go go slithering around my hands. If I show him a hide he is GONE. In his cage, he doesn't run, hiss, or ball up when I work around him. He just sits there like, "whatup?"

    I only have pics atm of when I first took him out of the box but look at him go!

    What type of personality does your ball python have? Has it changed over the years?
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    Re: What is your snake's personality?

    My two are still very young also, roughly 8 months and 2 months, but they have very different personalities. Ana Gwyn, the older one, is pretty chill and very easy to handle, she's basically a puppy. When she's in her tub, she prefers to stay under her water dish (she ignores regular hides in favor of plastic dog dishes), so I rarely see her.

    The younger one on the other hand, Tonks, is pretty much the exact opposite. She's still twitchy when I pick her up and you can tell she doesn't love to be handled, though she does sit calmly once she realizes you're not going to eat her. I expect she'll get better about being handled once she's bigger and older, she's still so very tiny, only about 70 grams. But when she's in her tub, she's out, and rarely stays inside a hide. In fact, she will move her hide off the UTH so she can sit in the warm spot but be out in the open. She also goes on "walks" around ehr tub for an hour or so at a time, or hangs out on her stick a lot, even though I've explained that she's not an arboreal snake.

    It's really pretty cool how different they are!

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    My bpís are young as well. Our first snake who is about 3months old has become very socialized. To the point weíre if she senses movement she will come out to the front of the cage. This is normally a couple of days before her feed day. I suspect sheís wanting us to give her food. Lol. However if we kneel down and put our hand low. She will investigate. Figure out we are not food then come out for some síplorin.

    We have a 6 month old rescue female who after one month has gone from pet rock to doing some síplorin and is now starting to climb all over us. So proud!

    Got a fiesty new Mojave female. She strikes first and asks questions later. Eats like a boa even though she is knew. We have got her out twice. Both times she had been sassy. We put her on our stomach or chest. Lay flat. After About 5 mins. She figures out we are not there to kill her and starts síplorin. Lol

    our two boys are pretty similar thus far. When itís feeding time. They tend to think the mouse is there to kill them. They both strike it about 5 times. Then grab it and ball up thinking they have to kill it or die. At that point I dart out of there sight and peek from an angle. Instincts take over and they eat.
    Our banana male is a little older now and is really doing better. He chills on my gf neck a lot and has really taken to her. Heís very friendly

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