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We have had two BPs for several years. Our female is a consistent eater. Our male is a consistent faster.

We always offer the male first. He refuses and the females usually eats it. Every month or two our female will skip a feeding or two. On those occasions we throw out the rat.

If we were feeding live, it was just go back to the rat cage instead of the garbage can. We've considered getting a Boa a) because we like them and b) we could eliminate the waste. But so far we have resisted the temptation.

My point is, live may be cheaper but for us frozen is worth the convenience.
Your rats will outgrow your BP. Rats grow fast. Gas an freeze them at the right size an your good to go. Don't want to waste prey? Get a Rat snake, he'll eat everything turned down.

I raise ASF, rats, rabbits, pigs an fowl for my snakes. ASF won't outgrow an adult BP. If you look at my pics you'll see ASF sizes.

Good luck!