The title is a line from the cartoon "Dumbo", but it keeps going through my head.
Several months ago my KSB seemed to go on a hunger strike. He quit eating his f/t fuzzies and no matter what I did to them or how I offered them, he refused to hit them. I finally broke down and started feeding him live, which I don't have a problem with except for the fact that I have to go out and buy them one at a time, lol.
I went out today to get his weekly mouse and the breeder told me that her parent rodents had gotten old and she'd had to restart production which meant that she only had pinky mice and rats to offer. Since the mice were way too small, and since I had been considering rat pinks for him for a while, I decided to get a newborn rat for him. I put the rat in his feeding bowl (it's a dog bowl base that doubles as a hide) and put him in there with it, and he promptly struck it so I covered him so he could eat in peace.
Usually when I check back some minutes later, he has crawled out of his bowl to under it, but today he was laying half in and half out of it, and I could almost hear him groaning. For a change I could actually see a lump in his body, and when took the cover off it prompted him to climb completely out and slide into the hide. I swear it reminded me of someone who has eaten so much that they have to waddle to walk anywhere.
So now I think I can say I have seen a snake waddle.