Iím so excited to get Kittyís new tank. I wish I had done more research on tank quality when I got her two years ago but thatís how we learn.

Her current exo-terra is set up very well. Identical hides, thermostat, heat lamp on a dimmer, temperature gun, thermometers and hydrometers, lots of plants, no decor for her to get stuck in. No problems with eating. Never had a single issue with her shedding. So Iím very confident in my ability to set her new tank up, and Iím SO happy to ditch this freaking heat lamp and lame heat pads that die and must be replaced. And to set up a more aesthetically pleasing home for her while of course making sure her husbandry is still priority.

My question really is about setting up the temperature probe for her thermostat. Iím used to the heat pad underneath and the probe and thermostat, however with the Pro-Products panel being up top I wanted to ask the most effective way to set up the probe. I saw the pinned post on APs but a lot of the photos are broken now so I thought Iíd ask so I can be extra sure itís all done correctly.

Can someone give me some advice preferably with photos? Iím a visual learner more than anything. Also anything else that you can just suggest about her new home because thereís always room for learning new things!