I recently finally got my first ball. I let him sit for about 5 days then attempted to feed him. He took his first meal (F/T) instantly, I was so proud of him. Let him sit for 48 hrs, handled him. No hiss, no balling up(originally was a hisser when I first held him at the shop and when I first got him home). No s-position, overall things are going great.

I noticed my tub was not holding humidity above 50%. Came to a conclusion it was because I drilled way too many holes. Didn't want to tape them up, so I bought a new tub. Set it up exactly like the original tub, used the same substrate he was in and hides. Reduced the holes by 50% and now my humidity is consistently between 55%/60%.

The first hour I put him in in the new tub, he was roaming around as if it was a completely new environment. I thought I could fool him by using the old substrate and hides due to him being use to the scent, but he wasn't fooled. Anyways, after a few hours, he seemed to have settled back in, he was back to hiding in his hides all the time.

My question is, should i stick to my original feeding schedule(due in a few days) or should I reset it and give him a week again before I attempt to feed. He seems settled back in, but I would like input from you guys.