I've been looking around for a blue eyed snake with a pattern, and I'm really loving the look of a Mocha+Mystic pairing, the Elixir. I've heard that Russo = Mocha and that Phantom = Mystic, so I'm also looking into Invisiballs, Leches, and Opal Diamonds... funny how many named combos there are..

Anyway, my question is, if I were to get a Mocha male and a Mystic female--the babies would be 1/4 normals, 1/4 Mocha, 1/4 Mystic, and 1/4 Elixir... but for the life of me I can't figure out what makes Mocha different from Mystic. So that would be a full half of my clutch that I would be unable to identify. Possibly 3/4, because I'm not sure how those morphs differ from normal either.

So how to tell them apart? I won't go this direction if I can't identify them.