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    Is this a minor burn?

    Hi all, my girl just shed for the first time in her new enclosure, which is a plastic tub. She used to be in a glass tank and I never had any problems. Well, today I went to check on her. She had a really rough shed, got all of it off but tore her whole place apart in the process.

    I noticed she had this red mark on her when I went to clean up her mess. It looked like a burn or scrape. I took some pics, and after cleaning, saw that the mark went away. Do burns tend to do that?

    Her heat mat is regulated, and I have an extra temp probe just to monitor that the thermostat is doing its job. I also check surface temps at least twice a day with an IR gun. Never seen higher than 93 at absolute hottest, with an average of 88/89 overall. My only concern with this is: that's the surface temp of the paper towel substrate, and last night she did a good job of peeling all that back, exposing the bare bottom tub. I temp-gunned that, still didn't see a major change. But since it's strictly surface temp, would her laying on the spot raise its temperature in any way? Such as, pressing the paper towel flush to the bottom, thus heating it more in a way I wouldn't be able to measure with the IR gun when she's not on it?

    I then inspected her whole belly, which still looked a little pink to me post-shed. Last time I asked this question was when she was a baby, and I was told it's fine to see a little color bc she's kinda transluscent (an albino). But now that she's an adult, is the pinkish belly still okay post-shed?

    From far away, she looks normal, but upon closer inspection, I can see some parts are pinker than others. I know I'm probably overreacting, but I don't want to dismiss a minor burn in case it is one!

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    Re: Is this a minor burn?

    I do see what you mean but it seems very minor. I let some of the more experienced guys answer this one. My gut instinct is that it could be something from a while ago that will clear up on the next shed.

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    It was likely just a slightly irritated spot from the shed. Every little thing shows up on white snakes. Since it's already gone away I wouldn't sweat it. is beautiful...

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    I've seen this on my pied. I asked my breeder over a decade ago and he's observed this well.

    I wouldn't be worried about this, IME it's not a thermal burn. IME my pied shows this periodically, in fact just last night. However it went away during handling.

    Search google, you'll see this example below

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