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Thread: Newest project

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    Newest project

    Hi guys !

    I want an axolotl at some point.

    My next 'project' if you will, however, is not my axo but jellyfish.
    I've been doing my research and homework on how to cycle the tank and what is best food, proper maintenance and upkeep, etc. Have I bought anything yet? No, as I'm still researching first. I plan on buying a refractometer first, have it on hand, then the tank and supplies. I hope to have a tank big enough for three moons, my favorite type of jelly. I'm also a huge fan of lions manes and pacific sea nettles. I was lucky enough to see all three species while cruising alaska, though the lions mane was seen the second time I was up there whereas the moons and nettles were seen both cruises. I've also seen moons around newport beach, california whilst whale watching.

    This is a long term goal, seeing as I'm taking my sweet time on everything and I might wait to actually start buying the tank and stuff until after july 22 this year due to me going on a cruise to jamaica, grand cayman, and cozumel. It's only a week cruise but I'll be gone for 2 weeks and that would equal two weekly water changes of 10 to 20%, checking to maintain proper levels temperatures and salinity, and soft careful tank scrubbing once a week. I have family that would offer to help but ... I dont want any mistakes. My snakes and other animals are a lot more hardy than delicate jellies.

    A couple of my friends have asked why? Why jellies?
    Why not just a fish tank? Get real fish, they say.

    Sure, I've had all kinds of fish and stuff in the past growing up and even now I have a betta. But, my potential jelly tank will be more easily fitted to the spacial requirements of my room where they will be housed. Jellies are a well i guess you can say a dream pet of mine. They're not really pets though. They have no brain no eyes no nose ears nothing lol. They're mostly water, after all. I'll get no interaction from them whatsoever, unlike my other guys, even my snakes "greet" me by poking their heads my way when I walk into the snake room.

    Another thing is, whilst doing all this homework and studying, I may decide they are simply too much work, so this may never happen, or at least not right now.
    I've wanted this for a few years and I feel most comfortable with the idea becoming reality now more than any other time.

    Tanks are therapeutic for me and even at the aquariums And such, I always migrated to the jellies and could watch them forever.

    Again, all this is going to be a process that could take up half the year, just on the decision to make this goal a reality for me. This isnt an impulse thing. I'm doing everything i can to ensure that not only will I be ready mentally and physically to take the responsibility on but also to ensure the proper health and happiness for the jellies that will be placed under my care once I cycle the tank and buy the critters. I am taking extra care to monitor my own mental issues whilst doing this plan. I hope by getting my jellies it will help me.

    My mental health issues arent ... well I have bad anxiety yet I'm capable of living an active lifestyle full of work, work, and more work. Occasionally my mind snaps and I break down, my anxiety attacks are me crying, hyperventilating, and/or rubbing my temples closing my eyes and rocking back and forth on my feet. Loud noises tend to make it worse and I usually go somewhere quiet to relax and bring myself back. I also battle depression, I have since 2009. More recently, within the last few months, I've also fought off suicidal thoughts and I actually almost did go through with a thought one night. My dog snapped me back and the thought of my snakes pulled me through. I am doing better now, I'm actually working on trying to be happy. It is 2020 after all. I am hoping by giving myself a jelly tank not only will the therapy of watching them drift help me but also the maintenance will help keep my mind busy as well. And the satisfaction of knowing I'm doing a good job at keeping them alive and healthy and such would be rewarding in itself. No my snakes and dogs arent going to suffer a loss at attention. Everyone still gets plenty and each have set days for maintenance. The jellies will be thrown into a routine too.

    Again, I'm taking my time, I'm looking at the idea every day and I watch videos/ read articles and such about the upkeep and time needed And everything to make sure im still okay with the added work to my schedule. If at any point I go oh I think that's too much it'll be an immediate well then it is not time for this to be added.

    So wish me luck y'all! And if any of ye have these as pets, lemme know, I'd love more input and such from other keepers.

    We'll see in 5 to 6 months whether I am going through with buying the tank! If so I'll update.

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    Re: Newest project


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