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View Poll Results: would u name a rat after your ex to be fed to a snake?

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  • yes

    1 16.67%
  • yes, seems like fun

    3 50.00%
  • yes, it's a good fundraiser

    1 16.67%
  • no

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  • no, it's in bad taste

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Thread: Name a Rat?!

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    Name a Rat?!

    ok i heard about this on the radio: the San Antonio Zoo is hosting a Valentines Day fundraiser in which they will allow the public to buy animals that they may name after their ex'es that will in turn be fed to the zoo's animals. this includes $25 rats for feeding snakes and $5 roaches for other zoo animals. also you may watch live or tune into their FB channel to watch the feast.

    what do u think of this stunt? the animals are gonna eat regardless but is the zoo or the people involved a bit krazy? does it promote of snakes, rats and roaches in a bad light?

    look at this headline:
    San Antonio Zoo to let psychopaths name a cockroach after their ex and watch an animal eat it

    This promotion feels like it’s in bad taste.

    For Valentine’s Day, the staff of the San Antonio Zoo is allowing anyone hurting from a particularly ugly breakup to name a living thing after their ex and watch it die a violent death at the hands of a predator. A dark metaphor for lost love, maybe?

    For $5, the lonely and slightly disturbed can name a cockroach that’ll be fed to an animal on a live stream. For $25, they can name a rat and watch a reptile devour it. Or you could just drink wine and watch “27 Dresses” like a normal single person.
    here's another article:
    Zoo Will Let You Name a Rat After Your Ex — Then Feed It to a Snake on Valentine’s Day
    If watching a creature named after your ex get gobbled up by a herd of zoo animals sounds like the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day, then the San Antonio Zoo has just the thing for you.

    For those interested in embracing the less romantic side of the holiday, the zoo is hosting a special event in which spurned lovers can name cockroaches or rats after their exes, and watch them get fed to zoo animals.

    “Cry Me a Cockroach” will be livestreamed for all to watch on Valentine’s Day, as the cockroaches get fed to animals and the pre-frozen rats are handed over to reptiles, according to the zoo’s website.

    Cockroaches cost $5 to name, and rats $25, for which donors will get a certificate declaring the animals officially named after their no-good former partners.

    Names can be submitted through the zoo’s website before Friday at 6 p.m., and only first names will be displayed during the feeding.

    The zoo notes that all rodents fed to animals are already dead, and are delivered frozen from a mouse farm. The roaches, meanwhile, are alive and sourced from professional roach breeders.

    “How much would it cost to feed my ex to your animals,” a Facebook commenter joked on the zoo’s post.

    Added another, “I thought I was a bigger person, who had left all pettiness behind, as I’ve been happily married for 8 years, buuuuuuuut… I wanna do this.”

    While it’s the first time the San Antonio Zoo is hosting such an event, plenty of other zoos have done similar.

    Last year, the El Paso Zoo hosted “Quit Bugging Me,” in which they fed cockroaches named after exes to their meerkats.

    They’re hosting the event again this year, only this time, they’ve expanded to feeding other animals, like orangutans and rhinos.

    El Paso Zoo Director Joe Montisano has also vowed to eat one cockroach for every $1,000 the promotion raises. So far, he’s at seven.

    The stunt is also similar to Burger King’s latest promotion, which allows people to exchange one printed photo of their ex for a flame-grilled Whopper.
    and one more:
    One Zoo’s Fundraising Scheme: Valentine Vengeance via Cockroaches and Rats
    This is the time of year when people look for that very special, very unusual gift for those they love…but what about for those they hate? When Valentine’s Day rolls around, and you stare at the frilly cards and heart shaped boxes of candy and cute stuffed animals—full disclosure, I have given a stuffed gorilla that sings “Wild Thing”—it is clear that this holiday is meant for those in love. But what about those that have broken up? And what about the recently dumped? Or un-amicably divorced? What’s in this holiday for them?

    Fear not! The fundraising team at the San Antonio Zoo has the answer. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the zoo has launched its “Cry Me A Cockroach” event. This is a way for participants to share their feelings for an ex-partner in a unique way. For a $5 donation to the zoo, they can purchase a cockroach named for that very special person and watch it being fed to one of the zoo’s animals on Facebook Live. If a cockroach seems to be just a bit small for what you are feeling, you can up the donation and go for something bigger.

    “If your ex was a snake, you can even name a rat after them, and we will feed it to a reptile for $25!” zoo officials wrote on social media to promote their higher-tier option.

    Of course, there are privacy concerns here, so only first names will be used, and the names will be submitted anonymously. After all, even when feeding cockroaches and rats named for one’s exes, there are some feelings involved. But those who donate will receive a certificate that they can display on their own social media platforms to demonstrate their vengeful, despicable attitude toward rats and roaches and their former partners.

    And what can the nonprofit community learn from all of this? After Valentine’s Day, it will be interesting to know just how profitable this vengeful venture was for the San Antonio Zoo. It might just spark some other creative fundraisers that bring in dollars without a lot of event planning. A few similar ventures come to mind. The International Star Registry is a bona fide company that will name a real star after you for a price. It fits into the same “naming” concept as the zoo adopted, but it is much sweeter than been fed to snakes. And then there was the beloved radio host in Chicago, Wally Phillips, who years ago raised money for a citywide children’s charity by having people pay for “naming rights” for the pigeons that wandered the streets and parks of the city. Certificates were included. It became perfect birthday, anniversary, or special occasion gift. Many a Chicagoan could be seen looking for “their” pigeon.

    So, nonprofits, pay attention. Sometimes in the craziest and most far-fetched ideas, there lurks a way to draw attention to your organization and raise funds. And you may not ever have to touch a cockroach, rat, or pigeon!
    RIP Mamba

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    Let's face it, zoos need to get creative to get people involved & supporting them. I think it's a harmless fun idea, & I could probably get into feeding several snakes, but they'd be named for my "favorite" politician. This is not much different than using a voo-doo doll, or putting someone's picture on your dartboard to blow off steam. Hey, whatever works.
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    $25 rat? I don't charge enough

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    If I get laid off and I need to pay the mortgage...

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