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    Re: HELP! Currently driving the struggle bus of boa husbandry!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RedBoa_Schi View Post
    HOLY CRAP!! The braining worked!!! Clyde FINALLY ate after 5 weeks.

    And I am here to tell you I have never owned a snake before this and about pissed myself when he actually grabbed that thing. Itís a good thing we arenít supposed to handle him for a while after eating because Iím going to have the heebs for a while after that.

    I really canít tell you how relieved I am that he finally ate. After you all check out the pics... Iím anxious to hear what we could/should be doing better.

    Also... I watched him swallow the whole thing and afterward he did have a mouth full of substrate. Heíll be ok... right? After he curled up for a bit, he came back out and started sniffing around the area he ate. Like he is SNIFFING, pretty active and roaming around his cage. Donít laugh.. Iím only used to dogs and cats. Does this mean heís still hungry? Did that mouse look too small?

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    Lol still makes me jump sometimes I've had my boas well over 10yrs,they just appear from no where sometimes and bam. Most of the time mine are at the glass when I'm defrosting there food
    You can see why we recommend to Feed from tongs
    The hit Pretty hard sometimes, remember snakes have a great sense of smell, so he was still in food mode, that's why people say about not. Moving them from a feeding tub and back again after they have eaten, I always feed in there viv/tank, it's an accident waiting to happen.
    If your worried about the substrate sticking then you can always put a lid or bit of cardboard down and remove it at a safe time later

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    Re: HELP! Currently driving the struggle bus of boa husbandry!!

    It's awesome that he ate, congrats!

    Looks like a nice enclosure he'll be able to grow into. I would suggest swapping the hides for two that are much smaller to increase his sense of security.

    Also, what kind of daytime bulb are you using? Is that one a heat lamp as well or just regular incandescent? Sometimes the spotlight or basking reptile bulbs help provide a more focused heat source.
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