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    Exclamation Allergic to my milksnake?!

    A couple months ago I got a milksnake. I sadly do not know what species as the seller was not sure. I have owned king and corn snakes in the past and have not had any issues with them. When I got my milksnake she (or at least I think its a she) musked on me. I expected this as I was warned she had not been handled much. Unlike with any of the snakes I have had in the past, the area she musked on my hand itched badly. I thought it was probably unrelated to the snake or was something in her environment, but it happened again the next time she musked. This has been happening every time she has musked on me. wherever she musks will itch, and if I do not wash it off quickly it will get slightly red. I also sneezed once after I walked into the room with her enclosure. It has been long enough that I am pretty sure it isn't something from her old environment. I currently also own a california king snake, and his musk does not cause me to itch or get red. The corn snake I used to own also did not cause this problem.

    This has become enough of a problem that I may end up needing to rehome the snake if I can't find a solution.

    Does anyone here have an idea of why this may be happening?

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    Re: Allergic to my milksnake?!

    Very interesting. It does sound like you are having an allergic reaction. I am sorry to hear that it is enough of a problem that you might have to rehome her. Initially I was going to recommend use latex gloves while holding until she got over the musk behavior (most do, but some do not), but the sneezing is troublesome. I wish I had better advice. Maybe try adding an air purifier in the room to see if that makes a difference.
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    That's an unusual allergy but I don't doubt it can happen, just rotten luck. Usually ppl get snakes because they're allergic to the furry pets.
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    It's definitely not a common issue with what you're describing but I also wouldn't rule it out. One option is to do fresh beddings to all your snakes and when you're handling until they don't musk anymore, wear nitrile gloves. I got a case(4 boxes/100 each box) for $24.30 off Amazon.

    Now I do know that me keeping spitters, if I let the venom they spit dry on the glass it can crystalize and basically turn into aerosol to an extent which inhaling it over time can cause sensitivity issues. For that reason I shouldn't have them in my bedroom as per some of my longer keeping friends, but I do things my way.

    What happens is whatever it is you're allergic to when they musk you has slowly made you more sensitive to it. Just a theory.

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    Wear rubber gloves they are cheap. My daughter would break out in hives when my English Bullldog puppy would lick her. She grew out of it.

    If your worried take a musk sample to your Doc. I bet the Doc says use Benadryl cream, DON'T DO IT UNLESS THE YOUR DOCTOR SAYS, I'm not an MD.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks, I am going to try some of the suggestions above. I am going to post pictures of her soon for help identifying her species in a new thread.

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