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Thread: Thank you!

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    Re: Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ciaran_songs View Post
    Thanks for the tips! I am really nervous though, I'm scared of him biting but that's only a bit. What I am mainly scared of is that if he bites or try's to that I will drop him. I am pretty positive if he does try or succeeds that I will jump. I am scared that I will drop or hurt him, I had a gecko bite me once and I dropped him he was fine but I felt so horrible. I want my little noodle to be safe and not get hurt, I guess I could try sitting on a blanket on the floor. I have a small snake hook that I use when I get him out to clean so that would probably work. I just need to work up the courage and do it! Hopefully I can let you know how it goes afterwords, I will have to wait a bit though as his feeding day is tomorrow.
    I've had my share of snake nips over many years keeping many snakes, but I'd still prefer to avoid them.

    Best to handle him over your bed (or couch, but be aware how quickly snakes dive between cushions & if there's a hole, in they go!). You do want to make sure there's a
    "soft landing" if there's any chance of you dropping him.

    But for sure, use that hook to lift him- not high up, only just enough to get your hand under him, & then "be the ground". By that I mean "snakes don't bite the ground
    they crawl on", so keep your hands flat & "quiet" & under him as much as possible. This truly works, & you'll both learn to relax around each other...remember he is WAY
    more scared than you are.

    And yes, do wait for at least a day after you feed him...but when you do, sit & relax with him for a while on your warm lap...he'll catch on. Snakes mostly bite out of fear
    when we approach them, because visually we're scary & confusing. When you hold a snake, also keep in mind that they don't automatically know that your other hand is
    part of the same friendly thing he's currently sitting try to move slow & stay 'under' him- don't wave your hands around him, try not to confuse him, appearing to
    come from several directions at once.

    The more you handle your snake, the better he'll know you by scent & touch, and the less panicked he'll be & the less likely to nip. I know you'll get this, but when you
    handle a snake, it really helps if you focus on what the snake is feeling & try to convey that he's safe with you, rather than thinking about your own "what if's".

    I'm guessing you've never felt a snake bite? It's a lot like when you're hand-sewing something & accidentally stick your finger with the needle or a pin. Their
    teeth are tiny & don't do any real damage, & even without treatment I've never had one even get infected. In other words, quit worrying.
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