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    Animal Plastics (tips)

    This is just my suggestions for those looking to buy an AP enclosure or waiting on one. I recently received my 2nd T8 and my first T8 was purchased and received around the same time a year ago.

    I read from the older posts, AP did not provide door handles with its cages. That was true for my first T8. They did not come with them, and there was no option to purchase them along with the cage. Now, it seems our concerns were heard and the door handles arrived with my 2nd T8. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that they addressed this minor issue. This will save people a lot of money from buying their own door handles.

    Both cages are quick ship items with no accessories. At the time of ordering, the website description says it will take about 3 weeks. On both occassions, it took about 60 days and I truly believe it would take much longer if I had not called for status on both times. When I call, I did not complain and simply ask for status because I was aware of their long wait time, and the woman over the phone was always nice, tells me that mine will be shipped out by the end of the week and apologized for the delay. And I did get my cages was promised over the phone.

    Email correspondence is not the most efficient, especially if it is urgent. I first tried sending an email and did not get a response for a week before I called. I think they are so overwhelmed with emails that they can't get to them, I recommend calling rather than emailing.

    My suggestion is to call for status every 30-60 days may help you get your cage faster or at least, remind them in a nice way that you are not forgotten. Sometimes people get so busy, it would not be uncommon for jobs to fall through the cracks. Not knowing how they organize their wait list or what gets done first (is it first come first served? The easiest cages go out first?), it does not hurt to remind yourself to check with them now and then.

    I did a lot of research when I was looking for my 1st and 2nd cage. I tried not to use AP again because my only issue was the lack of ventilation, which is really a personal pet peeve of mine and almost every enclosure out there besides glass tanks will require some hole drilling for extra ventilation. I also checked around for pricing ($/per feet) and AP is still the better option if you want more floor space for the amount of money you are paying for.

    I did find a minor problem that some keepers may or may not care for. For the 1st cage where I house my king, anyone who has a colubrid knows how much pooping they do. So there is a lot of cleaning, 2-3 times a week. I normally use a vinegar solution to clean the enclosures, but the odor still lingers. So I tried baking soda, cleaning solution, airing out the enclosure, etc... The slight odor still sticks. In the past I used aspen and now I use paper towels. It is minor odor problem and barely noticeable though. So in terms of odor, AP enclosures may retain some of it no matter how hard you scrub and clean the damn thing. Otherwise, the cage is still good after a year, and I hope it remain so for many more years.

    Hopefully this post helps anyone out there.

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    If you follow Animal Plastics on Facebook, you will find that they're very open and honest about the fact that they're having excessive lead times at the moment. On top of moving their entire facility into a new building and acquiring a 2nd CNC to cut plastic for orders, they're the best in the business so they have a back log.

    I've ordered a Quick Ship Rack as well as a "Normal" rack from them. Both times I called shortly after my order was placed and asked for a shipping estimate. About a week before that estimated time I called back to check and it was scheduled to ship within a week or so of that time.

    The folks at AP are good people with a great product. If you're willing to wait you get an amazing husbandry tool. I'll never buy another product.

    In regards to your cleanliness issue, the material they use is designed to be non-porus, and I believe that you're supposed to seal the interior of the cage. If both of these things are done correctly, a soft scrubbing should have removed all the smells.

    I've never had one of their cages though, just their racks.



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    Re: Animal Plastics (tips)

    I LOVE my AP enclosures. I received a T-10 recently and really appreciated the door handles they're including now. I don't have any issues with lingering odors either. I use F10 disenfectant to clean my enclosures. The wait time can be a pain but it's worth it to me.
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    I don't really use FB, and many people who don't use social media would rely on the company's website for updates, which still has the old ETA. Overall I like AP and I think they are good people, but I always try to keep an open mind for other companies too because I am seeing more and more new caging companies popping up (ie Zen caging). Innovations and new ideas on how to properly or improve housing your snakes (at a reasonable price) are always interesting and should be encouraged in the market. It looks like AP is trying to introduce some new special caging for awhile on their website since last year when I first started looking at their sute, but they are still not on there yet. Hopefully those new special caging with pics will be revealed soon.

    The interior in my T8 was sealed and the odor still lingers. Again, this is minor and you have to really stick your head in there and take a big whiff to detect it, and this is coming from an active colubrid that poops a lot compared to how much a ball python would poop on a weekly basis.

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