After much deliberation, Iíve decided to put my spider ball python, Freya, up for adoption.
Sheís nearing 2.5 years old (hatched June 12th, 2017) and is around 390 grams.

Iím hoping that someone more comfortable and more experienced in caring for snakes will be able to take care of her better.
Part of the reason is, because I have had trouble with her biting me and refusing food, but this may just be due to my inexperience (just want to be forthright so as not to surprise anyone).

I live near Statesboro, GA and would prefer local pick-up not too far away, since I donít really understand how to ship live animals.

Iím asking $75 for the adoption fee to ensure she is going to a home where she will be taken care of and not thrown away (though Iím sure no one on this site would do that) since that is what I paid initially. This is up for negotiation of course.

Please PM me if you are interested in providing her with a new home.

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