Long story, short version...In 2015, I bought the last remaining snakes in a guy's collection. He had already sold the higher end morphs, all I got was a Yellow Belly male, a Yellow Belly female, and some Normal females, with a couple of Het Caramel Albino females. The Yellow Bellies produced 2 Yellow Bellies and 1 Ivory, the first time, out of 3 eggs...Produced an Ivory, 3 Yellow Bellies and 3 Normals, second time...A local breeder, who has a fairly large collection, thinks I may have Orange Bellies...the first Ivory, he said, looks like a low expression Graphite Ivory, silver speckling threw out...The younger Ivory kinda resembles an Ultra...The guy I bought them from, wasn't very honest, and I no longer keep any contact with him, so who knows...Finally, the question, to try and increase my odds of Ivories, Graphite or otherwise, should I breed the Graphite female to her father or a Yellow Belly brother? The younger Ivory is just a hatchling, so can't use him..I know if things line up according to %s, Yellow Belly to Ivory, should get 50% Ivories, if lucky...Graphites would be what I really want, but I breed these things for pleasure, so whatever they produce is ok. Any thoughts are appreciated...I apologize, not really a short version....lol..Thanks

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