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    Male BCI Adult Size

    Hey everyone, Iíve have a male BCI thatís a tad over a year old and a little over 3í. Iím just curious as to the average adult male size on here. The internet says anywhere from 5-7í which is a decent disparity there. Iíve also heard that when not on breeding feeding adult males are only a foot or two shorter than females. Currently my guy is on a small rat every 14 days. Iím mainly starting this thread out of curiosity as Iím new to boas. Iíve come to love boas so much that Iím considering getting into breeding after grad school. Itíd be more of a hobby than an economic endeavor. Thanks to everyone in advance! Also, pictures are welcome.

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    Average adult male size is 5'-7'. There is a wide array of adult sizes, and you won't be able to guess how big they will get. I have an 8 year old male that is 6'7" and a 9 year old male that is 4'2". Many breeders purposefully keep their males around the 4' mark.

    If you feed males and females the same, and don't breed them, males can get just as big as females can. I've seen males as big as 9'. There are multiple localities within the BI species, most tend to stay under 6'. Most "Colombian" boa constrictors in the pet trade are mutts of different localities and species, and as such they can be anywhere from 3' to 8', but tend to stay 5'-7'. Smaller locality males (Crawl Cay, Caulker Cay, Tarahumara, etc.) usually stay about 3'-4', but you get the occasional 6'-7' dwarf locality.

    Make sure any meals you're feeding your boa are not leaving a large bulge, and there's no scale separation. I'm only saying because my 3' boas have normally only just made the switch to weaned rats (20-40 grams) and they're still a big meal, they don't take smalls until 3.5'+, but he may be bigger than 3' if the smalls are a good size and don't leave a big bump.
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    Re: Male BCI Adult Size

    The small rats donít leave a bump at all. I havenít measured him in a while so he may be larger now. Thanks so much for the input! Heís a red pastel line Columbian boa so he doesnít have any dwarf blood in him that Iím aware of.

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