To make a long story short, I am the caretaker of a ball python collection for a private owner. I am by no means an expert as I have only started this adventure 2 months ago, but in that time I have broken the 2 month fast on a live prey only snake and converted him to FT, have almost got all 13 snakes up from underweight, and got successful locks on two females for what I hope to be a fruitful breeding season, but I'm also dreading it.

Now that I know more about BP husbandry than I did in the beginning, I look at the owner's "brand new?"Exo Terra egg incubator with suspicion and skepticism. Both of the females i bred are very large (1,700+g) and I trust that they will both produce a minimum of four huge eggs. I see no way of them fitting in this tiny incubator, but even if they could, I've read bad things about this particular incubator:

1)Has problems maintaining temperature
2)Fans suddenly stopped working
3)Whole unit just turns off
4)Known to cook eggs

So I suppose my only real question is, should I not cave to other people's bad experiences with this incubator and trust it, or should I attempt to build an incubator with the help of YouTube University?