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wow this is a tough one. i'm assuming he was priced much more than the reg Banana? anyways i would guess that's at least a 3 gene BP, maybe more. i think it's at least a Banana Lesser and either Spider or Spotnose. it probably also has Pastel.
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No, he was labeled Banana, enclosed with a banana and priced as one. I actually got a pretty good deal when I got him though. He was originally priced at $350, but I got him for $175.

Iím not sure about the Spider. He has no wobble and has no problem keeping/getting himself upright. From what I understand, that morph presents neurological issues that I havenít observed in mine.

A local herp mentioned pinstripe, but all the banana pins Iíve found look much different. Iíve researched morphs daily for over a month since I got him, looked at countless photos of various crosses (even using UK terms - royal, coral glow, etc.) and havenít come across another like mine. I was hoping my lack of results was just inexperience in not knowing what to look for, but it seems he really is just a special boy

I looked up Spotnose and came across a YouTube video that has a banana that looks probably the most similar to mine that Iíve seen so far. Pattern is a bit different/busier, but the colors are very close and it has the lighter dorsal stripe. Iím sure itís not the exact same mix as below, but I think you may be on to something with this one

Thanks a bunch for your insight and help!

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I have no idea what morphs your snake is other than gorgeous. I just wanted to respond to this part. Not all spiders will show a wobble. I have a spider who has no noticeable wobble, she has no issues righting herself and rarely misses a strike at her F/T rats. It seems that people over exaggerate the wobble that spiders can show.
ok so i think everyone agrees that it's at least a Banana Lesser. there's another gene in there that creates the phat, almost full length dorsal stripe. i don't think it's Pin as it would reduce the side pattern like in April's BP. so it makes me think Spidey or Spotty. your BP also has blushing throughout and a faint cloverleaf headstamp. i would guess it has Enchi and Pastel also but i don't see Enchi it in the pattern.

anyways u lucked into a beautiful mystery boy. congrats!