So my second clutch have started shedding out, and I want to double check with you guys whether you think I'm right on these morphs - please help me! Pics below along with what morphs I think they are and why. As more of them shed I'll probably add more pictures and ask for more opinions lol. Here we go!
Pairing was fire pewter x enchi

Believe this is a single gene enchi - wide eye stripes, head stamp and banded pattern all show enchi, but don't think it's bright enough to have fire or pastel.

Cinnamon enchi: Again, eye stripes, head stamp and reduced pattern suggest enchi - orange and brown colouration suggests cinnamon also. No pastel as enchi pewter (frostbite) looks different and don't think fire as headstamp and colours don't suggest it.

Did we hit on the 4 gene here?! Enchi fire pewter: Once again eye stripes and head stamp say enchi. Seems too light and bright to be just enchi pastel or enchi fire so I'm saying enchi firefly, but the pattern isn't banded/reduced enough, and has a key-hole type pattern that suggests cinnamon at play too, as well as really apricot-coloured sides (pics do not do the colours justice here).

What do you all think? =]