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    Its been awhile, but I wanted to update.

    The last 6 weeks or so for me have been just BUSY.

    Work has been hectic, hiring, training, big events, losing people due to seasonal hires ending etc.
    I also MOVED.
    I now am in my very own 2 bedroom apartment. Cat and reptile friendly. The snakes have their own room now! Omg, a dedicated reptile room!

    I also spent a bit of cash and bought 8 27 inch poles from and split my 72inch high metro rack into 2 units, This brings the enclosures to below my shoulders or right at eye-level and its soo much easier for me to get into and manage them. Don't mind the mess of the cords, that's all cleaned up now. I moved on a Sunday and literally #1 priority was to have everyone's heat plugged in and set proper before I left for work that night. It was move out, move in, go to work.
    I am still waiting on Mosaic's T12 so I can finally get rid of my glass tank, I even had a friend who wants it. She's thinking about getting into Poison Dart Frogs. Anyway, apcages seems to have been moving/expanding to a new facility and my order is super late. But I'm trying to be patient with them.
    I plan to set up one of my spare thermometers near the cages in the winter to monitor ambient temps since I will still have two snakes in tubs. My plan is to keep the room heated around 80 for the winter. Its an older building with aluminum windows. I've already purchased and hung curtains that are supposed to block drafts. So far they're doing an excellent job with the heat, blocking the heat of the suns rays. Will they hold up to the winter temps tho, we will see.

    I also wanted to update on the herps. Its been awhile since I've posted any pics.

    Here's Rei, she's actually in shed right now which is why her colors look so dull. She went right into shed a few days after the move so she did refuse a meal for like the first time in a year. No biggie though, I kinda expected refusals because of the move. I gave them 5 quiet days of no handling to let them calm down from it. I think that + her impending shed put her off.
    Anyway, she's weighing in at 1126g now. Absolutely dwarfs my hand. Doing well as ever.

    Here's Mosaic, she is weighing in at 304 or so grams now. I just got her upped to rat weanlings this past feed day, up to 32g or so. In fact she was so enthusiastic that she did nail one of my fingers a bit on accident going for the rat! It was only a little scratch but it did surprise me. I think its time for longer feeding tongs. Carpet python feeding response is no joke.
    She's still my most active and most curious. Still puppy-dog tame when handling. I'm looking forward to upgrading her enclosure, whenever it arrives.

    Aspen was actually in the middle of shedding on move day, but he took it rather well and still ate for me this past feed day when I offered. He's weighing in at 520 grams now. Just about half the size of Rei.
    Aspen is still really shy and jumpy. He's usually ok if he's given a few minutes to check out whats going on then he calms down and is pretty chill. However he's still very head shy regardless, something I have just come to respect. I still work with him every other day or so to keep him accustomed to being handled.
    Just quite a contrast to Rei who isn't head-shy at all and loves exploring and being curious.

    Also news:
    I am currently working on paying off a Hypo Jungle Aztec 100% het Albino BCI female from a breeder in Florida. I should have her paid off in just about 2 weeks here and hopefully she will be here around the end of August/start of September. I've begun preparing a tub for her already. There is a reptile expo soon I will be attending with my friend. There I plan to pick up hides, longer feeding tongs, water bowls, frozen rats for everyone(better prices at the expo than at my local supplier for sure) and one or two UTH for the new boa enclosure. I then will spend a few days tweaking temps and humidity and making sure its all ready before she arrives. I'm super excited!!! Stay tuned for debut pictures in the Boa section.

    In other random news, I am also travelling internationally for the first time in the 2nd half of September. I'm super excited about that, and my friend and co-worker who also has 3 cats, a BP and crested gecko has agreed to check in on my pets every day on her way home from work. I trust her since she knows the basics of reptile keeping and knows cats. We both got into herps about the same time, me with Rei and her with her Crested Gecko, Kimchi.
    She won't be feeding, even though I will be gone for about 10 days(everyone should be fine without food until I get back), I will have her check temps and humidity and make sure Kaz is fed/watered.

    Life has been busy, but I think I've taken it all into stride.
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    Re: Its been awhile, but I wanted to update.

    Beautiful snakes, I would love to add a BEL to my collection. Your reptile room looks great too! very spacious.

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    Re: Its been awhile, but I wanted to update.

    Beaut snakes !!

    Id be cramming some more branches and fake foliage in the biggest vivarium.. they make the vivs look spectacular plus the the snakes will use them every night ... Royal pythons absolutely love climbing ..

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    Wow, you do, and have had a lot going on! Great that you have a dedicated room, it looks great. You have beautiful snakes.

    Have a great trip!
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    Now that's what I call an UPDATE! New place is looking & sounding great, as are your beautiful snakes. Happy to hear that all is going well for you now
    & I hope you enjoy your upcoming travels.
    Many friends in low places...

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    Re: Its been awhile, but I wanted to update.

    Awesome update Phoenix! Glad to hear things are going well. The critters are all looking GREAT!! Have a safe and fun trip abroad!
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