Hi All! I'm brand new to the forum and have a question regarding the morph of my BP, Morty. The guy I got him from said that he is a Mojave, and didn't give me any more info. Obviously without knowing his parents, we can't say for sure, but he has a bit of a funky pattern for a Mojave. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part. Just curious if anyone has any guesses. Here's a link to my gallery with his photos: https://ball-pythons.net/forums/member.php?78401-MyMo

Just a quick disclaimer on my images: I am switching his enclosure over to a Bio Dude BioActive Vivarium, so please no hate about the state of his enclosure in the photos. I know the reptibark is yuck. I can tell you that he's eating normally and and hides 90% of the time. Husbandry (temps and humidity) is on point. Seems happy with the set up as it is, but I want to give him the best of the best. Thank you!