I'm rather fussy about the normals I pick up. But it's paid off big time when I breed them. So...

What I'm looking for is a male normal preferably with a super clean dorsal similar to this one: https://www.morphmarket.com/us/c/rep...pythons/215425

as in the lines between the alien heads and the dorsal pattern are separated. Clean clear alien heads, if possible. Also kinda would like spotting inside of the dorsal line cleanly (though a clean dorsal line I covet more). I know it's possible since I produced a few before and consistently before the pastel (which is rumored to be Graziani from the previous owner) passed away (old age He was 35.). I currently have a gorgeous female I produced that looks like what I want to produce. But I need another normal male.

My normal female is sable with yellow fade from the belly up near to clean dorsal, bright clear alien eyes and has dots near to center of her dorsal pattern. She looks a lot like her mama (Her eccentric Mama that likes to come out to greet the sun and has a pattern that brightened up the pastel's colors nicely), save the extra spots along the dorsal. I can post pictures of her.

I know it's early days, but I figure I would post it here. If you have such a snake, please post pictures and I'll contact you via PM. Thanks.