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Thread: Sick beardie

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    Re: Sick beardie

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragondinoguy45 View Post
    I've been gone for about 5 weeks on vacation. The first week, I had no one to look after my beardie, but for the rest, I did have a caretaker. The caretaker misted her, fed her veggies, turned the heat and uvb lamps on and off daily, and said she was alert and normal for the time I was gone. When I got back about 3 days ago, I saw that my beardie was skinny and lethargic. She still is skinny and doesn't really open her eyes, and yesterday, I had to assist feed her a few waxworms. Although she doesn't currently have physical symptoms of mbd such as rubbery jaw, bumps from bones, etc, the store owners of the exotic pet shop I got her from immediately said it was mbd, so I've been bathing her in Pedialyte water 2 times daily and threw out the coil uvb, which is what they said caused it, and replaced it with a strip uvb, and purchased a 100 watt desert bulb and a 150 watt desert bulb (and yes, I've had the strip before, but I decided to go with a coil uvb thinking it would be simpler to replace, not knowing they are garbage, and I did have a desert bulb, just not as high). However, I called an exotic vet office, I when I informed her that she hasn't had insects in those 5 weeks, she suggested that the weight loss could be muscle loss from lack of protein since she went a long time with being feed insects. So, could it be mbd that just isn't really showing symptoms, or likelier to be weakness from lack of protein? I tried to put the image below, and I don't know if it'll work, this is my first time on here. Thank you.

    I sure hope she heals up but next time I would take into consideration to have proper care for her set up before your vacation or I personally would not of left. I would of been highly upset returning to see my animal in that condition if I had care already coordinated for her because it sounds like they did not understand entirely what they were supposed to do as far as care. Anyway best of luck to you and let us know if she heals up.

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    Re: Sick beardie

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragondinoguy45 View Post
    I supplement her food with calcium every time I feed her. And the calcium does have D3. I do have waxworms and fed her some coated in calcium powder yesterday and I'll see what I can do today. I'll wait for the sun to come out to see if I can get her outside.
    How many times per week do you supplement her food as a baby and how many times as an adult? Adults need Calcium D3 about 2-3 per week whereas babies need Calcium plus D3 every other feeding. Multivitamin is 2x per week for babies and once per week for adults. Too much can hurt your beardie as it has too little.

    I am not going to post anymore as I have given you as much advice as I can. Like I said, it sounds like the lightning was not right and the onset of MBD is probably what you are seeing. You need to take your beardie to the vet. She needs bloodwork done, an exam to check for any impaction including egg binding and possibly xrays too to check on her bones. If she has mbd, she needs calcium injections.
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