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    First Time BP owner

    Hi, I was recently given a BP along with a 15g tank, hideaway, heating lamp, hygrometer, and water dish. The snake was given to me after my uncle had made no efforts to take care of him properly. His tank was disgusting, the temperature and humidity were all off, the snake was shedding irregularly and he had retained eye caps that looked to be left over from multiple sheds. After bringing my new little pal home his tank was completely cleaned out and he was given a bath to remove all of the left over skin patches as well as a trip to the vet to have his eye caps remove. To get to the point I want to give Ziggy (my BP) a better enclosure/habitat and although I've done my research and talked to snake owners I've heard many different opinions and need some insight/input.

    First I want to purchase a new enclosure however glass terrariums can be very pricey and I've also been told that they can aren't the best choice for BP because it can be harder to maintain proper humidity and temperature levels, which i have already noticed since I've gotten Ziggy. I want to possibly go with plastic and I've even been told by some that purchasing a large plastic tub is a good option for BP, any opinions? Substrate. This one has had a lot of different opinions. I need to know if dust free pine bedding is okay because some have said that it can cause RI's in BP but many people have told me that they use pine bedding for their BP and it is just fine and that there is no scientific proof showing that pine bedding isn't okay. Best tank setups to make your BP feel more at home and reduce stress? Do you use a heating pad or heat lamp, and do day time and night time lights really have a positive effect on BP? Also, if you guys have any preferred enclosure decor, thermometer/hygrometer systems, and humidifiers/ anything to help maintain proper humidity levels, that would be awesome. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you! :)

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    Re: First Time BP owner


    The reason for all the different recommendations is fairly simple - there are a lot of systems that can be made to work for BP's with a little effort.

    Check out the stickies in this forum;

    It should give some idea of the various enclosures that can be made to give the right conditions.

    I used to use vivariums but then changed to a rack system ( not really suitable for only one snake) but you can build a single tub rack to provide extra insulation and stability that allows you to stack it with other furniture. So it gets a bit baffling at times.

    One way forward for you might be to select something you feel comfortable fitting into your existing furniture and seeing if it can be made into a suitable enclosure.


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    Re: First Time BP owner

    Congrats on getting the little guy and doing right by him to get him fixed up and in the right direction! I will say that tubs are MUCH easier. I have three and two are in tubs (rack) and one is in an aquarium in my sons room. The aquarium can be a real pain in the rear end to clean, disinfect and maintain temperatures.

    As far as the light/lamp goes.. I would say move on from that and use under tank heat with a proper thermostat to control the temperatures. Just make sure you have an thermometer to check the temperatures to make sure they aren't too hot.

    Substrate.. I have always used aspen.. Its a bit more work than a coconut husk but it smells good, cleans easy and the snakes have always shed well for me..

    Finally, the tubs will help you with humidity tremendously.. Tanks are hard to maintain that without misting and covering the warm side.

    Best of luck getting this new guy back to happy and healthy.. Sounds like you are well on your way..

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    For the short term, I would set up a tub. Long term, if you are looking to have a nice display a PVC enclosure is the way to go IMO. I love mine.
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    You can get as elaborate or as simple as you want as long as the basic needs are met. Tubs are super easy to start up and maintain. Anything in the tank genre can be easy or difficult depending on the temperatures and humidity outside the enclosure. There are people here that successfully maintain tanks, but i recommend starting with a tub until the snake is sorted out, eating and shedding fairly regularly. My setups are very, very simple and cheap. Homemade racks, Hefty brand tubs, bowls from the dollar store, plastic containers destined for the garbage for hides, and paper substrate. Not pretty but functional and the snakes don't seem to care.

    Glad your animal has found a better home.
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