Im heading to England and will be taking my snek with me but it takes a little while to get his permits sorted and Im flying next week. I have found reptile stores to board him in, but would prefer he was in a home so just thought Id see if any fellow enthusiasts might have space for him for a month or two in exchange for payment.

He would come in his own viv with his hides, lamp, thermostat, heat map, water dish etc. Hes normal, nearly 200g, very docile and curious, used to being handled, has never bitten or hissed, feeding live mice every 7-10 days, last shed was complete, hes healthy and calm.

[Hes a bit bigger than this now but heres one of my fave pics!](

We would be willing to drive him most places in California or the surrounding states and can negotiate on pay. Ideally would love a photo/update every now and then but wont be hounding you every day or anything. Basically hes a lovely, gentle, low-maintenance boy and Im too attached to give him up! Hence paying $800 to fly him out to England lol.

Please do let me know if you or anyone you know might be able to help. Thank you so much!