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    I'll try to get a few photos and maybe a video. At first glance, she doesn't seem overweight. But, sometimes the way she moves and positions herself makes me wonder, "Hey, do we need to get you on a diet?"

    Thank you everyone.
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    yep, she's a thicc gurl alright. she's at the size and age where u can move her to an every other week feeding schedule.
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    She makes my little male look like a spaghetti noodle. Beautiful snake!

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    Registered User Eye4Pythons's Avatar
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    Re: Does she look overweight?

    When was the last time she pooped? From the one photo that's showing (the first two show broken links) she looks to have sausage butt. If she's not pregnant, overweight, or holding in a poop, her body should transition smoothly into her tail.

    I can say that I have a female that's 1 year, 4 months and she's probably around 1000 grams right now (I'm waiting for her next poop before I weigh her). They do grow at different rates, so take my anecdote with a grain of salt. Just figured I'd add some data to the mix.

    - Charles Eye

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    Registered User WhompingWillow's Avatar
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    Re: Does she look overweight?

    As others have already mentioned, the angle isn't the best to really give a good answer, so take this with a grain of salt: just going off of this, my inclination would be that she's definitely on the heavy side being that young. A better photo would help.

    I once asked the same question, as I also had suspicions one of my girls was getting chunky. Turns out my suspicions were correct and she went on a diet.

    Out of curiosity, how often are you feeding and what size prey?
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