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    Re: Naming? The hardest task of all?

    We tend to use a lot of characters from movies, mostly horror/slasher: Corbin Dallas, Zorg, Ruby Rhod, Capt spalding, firefly, Hannibal, Clarice, Beatrix, Gothi, alessa, Jack, Sally.

    My wife likes naming animals after food.

    If you're into music you could name animals after bands or instruments. I've seen other themes used for naming.
    1.0 100% Kalatoa SD retic, 0.1 Lavender SD retic
    0.1 Granite IJ carpet, 1.0 Axanthic IJ carpet (RIP)
    1.0 bci
    10.14 Corn snakes
    1.1 cali kings
    5.1 Balls
    1.0 orange Halloween ATB
    0.2 Leo
    1.1 dogs
    x.x.many fancy mice

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    Wow lol, thanks people! Lots of replies! so I have decided on Gaia for my BTS and Lily is going to be funny to see in a few years xD. The Pied my mom got is now named Chance, and the 3 Hognoses are still nameless morphs...Lol.

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    I just stick with Greek mythology for my naming. Works great. They get names based on their behavior normally.

    1.0 - Naja siamensis (Black & White Spitting Cobra)
    0.1 - Naja nigricollis (Black-necked Spitting Cobra)

    coming at some point in the future
    Naja annulata (Ringed Water Cobra)
    Naja n. woodi (Black Spitting Cobra)

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    Re: Naming? The hardest task of all?

    Here's a run down of everyone's names and the reasoning - yes, for all 14. 15? Is it a bad sign that I don't know lol

    Clark: First snake, named after Lewis and Clark because he explored a lot at first.
    Mushu: After the dragon in Mulan
    Sunny: Because he's bright like the sun
    Cher: Because she's full of attitude and spunk
    Arya: After Arya Stark in GoT
    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, obviously
    Memphis: Because FedEx lost her at the hub in Memphis for 4+ days
    Norm: Normal morph (not so creative with him ha)
    Artemis: I like Greek mythology
    Ariel: After the Little Mermaid
    Bridget: My son named her after the Bergen in Trolls
    Zelda: Video game
    Yoshi: Also video game
    Peaches: Because she's got great color and balls up like a peach
    Pixie: She's got an awesome pixelated look to her and will eventually be very not pixie-sized
    Grimm: Because he's a grump
    BALL PYTHONS: 1.0 Pied/Clark, 1.0 Pastel Vanilla Super Stripe/Sunny, 0.1 Dragon Fly/Buffy, 0.1 Pastel Vanilla Yellow Belly/Cher, 0.1 BEL (Mojave Lesser)/Arya, 0.0.1 Normal/Norm, 0.1 Cinnamon Enchi/Peaches, 1.0 Cinnamon Calico/Yoshi, 0.1 Pewter Het Dreamsicle/Ariel
    BOAS: 0.1 Dumeril's/Memphis, 0.1 BCL/Artemis, 1.0 BCO/Grimm, 0.1 Suriname BCC/Rhubarb
    CORN SNAKES: 0.0.1/Mushu
    MORELIA: 0.1 Bredli/Zelda, 0.1 Granite IJ/Bridget, 0.1 Caramel Diamond Jungle/Pixie

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    Re: Naming? The hardest task of all?

    Quote Originally Posted by WhompingWillow View Post
    Memphis: Because FedEx lost her at the hub in Memphis for 4+ days
    Norm: Normal morph (not so creative with him ha)
    I like these two!
    1.0 Orange Dream x Lemonback x Super Enchi -Damian

    0.1 Corn Island Boa

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