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    Registered User neurotoxin95's Avatar
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    Changing feeding habits.

    So I recently rescued a baby ball python, and I had to spend two weeks trying to get her to eat and I finally got her to eat yesterday but I had to feed her in her cage, and I don't feel comfortable doing that on a regular basis. Does anybody have any tips or tricks to get them switched from cage feeding to tub feeding, thank you so much for the advice in advance.

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    Registered User ShawarmaPoutine's Avatar
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    Re: Changing feeding habits.

    What's the issue of feeding her her cage? I feed all my animals and their cages.

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    Registered User Luvyna's Avatar
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    What makes you uncomfortable about feeding her in her cage? The thing about snakes becoming cage aggressive due to feeding inside their enclosure is a myth in case you're worried about that. Ball pythons in particular benefit from eating inside their enclosures because they are very sensitive to stress and some will refuse to eat if anything is off. If you're worried about the BP ingesting substrate you can put down a plastic lid or piece of cardboard for them to eat on top of.

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    You're making a big mistake, in wanting to feed your snake in a tub separate from her enclosure. Ball pythons are shy snakes that are ambush-predators-
    meaning that they prefer to lie in wait for prey to pass by their comfortable hiding place. One of the best ways to ensure that your snake refuses food is to
    handle her prior to's stressful, as is plopping her in a different cage. Or, let's say you have a snake that feeds are far more likely to
    get bit when trying to move that hungry snake elsewhere, and even MORE likely to get bit when you try to put her back, since many snakes stay in "feed mode"
    for a while...maybe hours, & for some, even a few days before they calm down & don't try to bite everything coming their way.

    The old & tired misinformation about precluding bites by teaching your snake not to expect food in their regular cage is just baloney. It's far easier to learn how
    to signal to your snake whether or not it's feeding time, or handling time...and all the while, your snake isn't being stressed. Remember that in the wild, the only
    thing that picks up a snake is a predator about to EAT their instincts do not cover being pets by friendly giants. It takes time for them to learn not to
    be scared to death when being handled...and fear is the opposite of an appetite stimulant. Please re-think this....& learn about "tap training" your place.

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    BPnet Veteran MissterDog's Avatar
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    Everyone beat me to the punch lol. All solid points already mentioned above that I hope you reconsider your stance on the situation OP. There is absolutely no reason or benefit to feeding in a separate tub. In addition to stressing your bp out you run the risk of regurgitation from moving them back and forth after eating, which you definitely do NOT want to happen.
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    BPnet Veteran Sonny1318's Avatar
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    I feed out of cage for years, what a waste in every possible way. Itís not only so much more better for the interest of the animal being fed. Itís so much more convenient too. Like I said I was a feed out of the enclosure only guy. Never again. Thatís just my opinion, Peace.
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    Registered User neurotoxin95's Avatar
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    Re: Changing feeding habits.

    Thank you for all the feedback! I have always fed all of my snakes 32+ of them over the course of 15 years in totes, and my main concern was her being aggressive, my others were never this picky of eaters but if others are doing it then I will continue with feeding her in the cage. Thank you again for the help.

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    BPnet Veteran craigafrechette's Avatar
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    Feed in the enclosure. There is literally ZERO benefit to feeding in a seperate feeding tub. is beautiful...

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