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    Re: Baby albino pythons

    Quote Originally Posted by CALM Pythons View Post
    I still ask questions and learn a lot form everyone here. I consider the different ways we all do things... but I wish people starting out again or for the first time would slow down for the animals sake. I think sometimes (myself included) we get so excited we have to “Check” ourselves for the animals sake. Caring for these gorgeous creatures especially the Giant Retics and Burms that will grow anywhere from 12’ to 20’ is not a one man job. I myself thought about the years ahead this last time I made a purchase, what my plans are and the possibilities I could have a harder time 20 years from now caring for a large snake. As much as I hate to admit it I will be starting the road to being a Retired Elder by then hahahaha. Im hoping Im healthy and feeling good still but these are all real facts we should all consider when purchasing Pets with such a long life span that are hard to rehome and that not just anyone can care for....

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    Very true. I do think about the future of my animals. What happens to them if something happens to me? I have a plan in place but would be upset if things did not go right for my animals.

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    Re: Baby albino pythons

    It can be very hard to curb your enthusiasm. I had wanted a retic for almost 20 years before I finally took the plunge. When I did I loved them so much that I got another, then thought I could stack 4 cages high because I always wanted I tiger and the local store had an ivory that I thought I had to have. Luckily common sense took over and I realized that I needed to stay with the 2 I had, wait for them to get grown and see if I still wanted or could handle anymore. The last thing I wanted was to get overwhelmed or burnt out. Enjoy the one you have, learn and gain as much experience as you can and in a few years if your comfortable adding another then go for it. Very easy to underestimate the commitment a large constrictor takes.
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    Re: Baby albino pythons

    Quote Originally Posted by WILDBILL245 View Post
    my baby burmese is now completely tame. he is so sweet now with me. as we speak he just got through shedding and is now ready to eat. my question would be is being around 18 inches long and girth about the size of my thumb will he be able to eat a small frozen rat or do i need to keep feeding him an adult mouse.
    I understand your enthusiasm to buy a new snake as myself have been doing it recently. but before you do go ahead .. because regardless of what people tell you / advise you will do what ever you want. my point is it’s easy and cheap to look after a small snake but it’s best to have a couple years having larger snake get a feel for your albino instead of jumping in deep end buying 2 hatchlings and not knowing what your commitments are and also you shouldn’t even been feeding mice they can have small wieners from hatch I have never fed a mouse to my snakes unless one of my hoggies refuses a feed please think about what you are going to do as I seen a post asking why your burm is burrowing one of mine does the same thing as long as your temps are fine there is nothing to worry about and I don’t provide hides for mine as I feel as they mature they become defensive over them but that’s my personal opinion nobody else’s

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